Hey, I'm Germaine

I made it my life purpose to help people create true wealth through property and live life with abundance

As a creative 🎨, I never thought I’ll be a property investor. I always thought investing 📊 is difficult & hard to understand. Investing doesn’t have to be difficult. And I found my strength in making the big words simple, explaining difficult concepts into easy-to-understand & practical bites that anyone can apply.

I made it my mission to bring financial education in an engaging & entertaining manner. I love that I’m able to use my creative background to share knowledge & experience as a property investor to people who need it

REal estate investor,
Mother of 2 amazing kids,
Musical Theatre Student

From $447k To $15 Million:
How I
33X My Property Portfolio
In Just 5 Years

This was where I was from: An air stewardess with a simple dream of owning a big house one day, so I could house my
whole family.
I started with a $447k HDB in 2015.

Today, I have built my portfolio across Singapore, UK, Vietnam, Bali, (& sold a New Zealand property) to a total worth of $15 milion in 5 years. And no, I did not win the lottery or found someone rich to marry.

I found a method that works & repeated it over & over again.

For the last 5 years, I’ve helped 4500 people in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and across the world transform their real estate portfolios & help them make money so that they can use money as a tool to love & provide to the people around them


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Maybe you are a regular Singaporean who work at a 9-5. Maybe you are a business owner who has made some success. Maybe you are a young mother who have young kids to feed. No matter which background you're from, most of us have dreamt of making some money to provide a better life for our family, our loved ones, & ourselves.. And if you want to achieve more in your life, I know of a way, and I can help...



With this approach, I was able to:



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I’m on a mission to transform families with one of the largest investment you make in life;  To change a family’s trajectory for the better. For Generations to come

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Passive Doubling MethodTM

With this approach, I was able to:


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