I Can Solve People’s Problems

Hi, I'm


I made it my life purpose to help people create true wealth through property and live life with abundance. 

Hi, I'm Germaine

I made it my life purpose to help people create true wealth through property and live life with abundance. 

At our dinner table, Isaac says “I want a robot, Mummy!”

“Sure! A robot costs $100, Mummy will give you $10. You have to grow your $10 into $100”, I replied.


“Huh? How?”, asked Isaac innocently. Then I prompted him, “How do you grow money Isaac?”

His reply shocked me. He said with an uncertain tone, “I can solve people’s problems?” There was me beaming with joy, my proud parent moment because he actually remembered what I shared with him a few months ago.

“So how do you know what problems people have, Isaac?”

“I ASK!“, he answered with a wide smile and cheeky look.

My good friend, Benny, overheard the whole conversation, so I asked Isaac to go over to Benny to “ask” him.

“Okay! Go ask Uncle Benny what problem he has!” 

And of course Benny played along.

Isaac asks, “Uncle Benny! What problem do you have?” Uncle Benny replied, “I’m very thirsty!”

Isaac went on to pour Benny a cup of lemon water and Benny gave him $2.

The happiness Isaac felt when he made the $2 gave me immense joy. My wish is to build his confidence to know that he is capable of making money, anytime! That if he somehow add value to other people’s lives or business and that if he learned how to ask for it, he could always make money.

The next day, I let Isaac put the $2 into his usual Ducky bank. I also told him that $2 will never grow. Tomorrow, the Ducky bank will have the same amount. But, if he chooses to put into the Doggy bank which was gold in colour, the money will grow, and that is called Investing. So where will you put your money in? Isaac says “I want to put it in the Doggy bank”. 

While it is important to save, it is more important to learn to invest. Schools teach us to save, but they stop there. It is my life’s purpose to hone my skills (and my child’s) to learn to invest in knowledge, business and different investment vehicles.

I believe one’s mind (especially a child’s) has endless possibilities. We are never too young or too old to learn.

Children these days also have everything, iPad, crazy amount of toys, and they know, when it comes to Christmas, they get to buy what they want. It’s important to instil in them working for the things they want, delayed gratification & not the “entitled child” who gets everything they want.

I’ve written a children story series which is in the progress of publication now. I’m so excited to use it to teach & introduce concepts and values relating to entrepreneurship and financial education. Never underestimate a child’s mind (and memory for that matter). There’s so much I’m still learning from this little boy.